Global warming mechanism revised | Actual world problem

Global warming

Global warming mechanism revised

 An international team of scientists found that the oceans absorb much more carbon dioxide than previously thought. This was reported in a press release on

 Previously, it was estimated that only about a quarter of the carbon dioxide released by humans into the atmosphere enters the oceans. Researchers estimated the amount of gas that is released and absorbed by the surface of the sea. At the same time, satellite data on salinity, surface wind speed and temperature of the upper layers of the ocean were taken into account.
Global warming world
 It turned out that every year three billion tons of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere, which is about a third of emissions due to the burning of fossil fuels. According to scientists, although this can be considered as a favorable process, in fact, it causes acidification of the ocean, which, in turn, provokes the extinction of marine organisms.

 In September, a scientists of Rutgers University in the United States was reported that they found a rising oceans due to a climate change lead to a significant decline in fisheries, compounded by over-harvesting of seafood.
What is global warming?
Global warming is an indicator of the increase in average ambient temperature over the last century. The problem was started in the 1970s; this indicator began to increase several times faster. The main reason for this is because it lies in the intensification of industrial activity of man. The temperature is not only for water but also in the air it rose by about 0.74 °C. Despite such a small value, the consequences can be colossal according to scientific work.
Global warming problem
 Researchers of global warming reports that the change of temperature has accompanied the planet throughout its life. For example, Greenland serves as evidence of climate change. History confirms that in the XI-XIII centuries, this place was called by the Norwegian sailors “Green Land”, since there was no mention of snow and ice cover, until today.

 In the early twentieth century, heat prevailed again which led to a decrease in the scale of the glaciers of the Arctic Ocean. Then by the year 1940’s the temperature fell. A new round of its growth began in the 1970s.

Causes of Global Warming

 The main cause of Global warming is the Greenhouse Effect.  It consists in increasing the temperature of the lower layers of the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases contained air, such as methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide and others, contribute to the accumulation of thermal radiation from the surface of the Earth and, as a result, the heating of the planet.

Global warming today -

What is Greenhouse Effect?

Fire in the forest- First, a large amount of CO2 was released. Second, the number of trees that process carbon dioxide and provide oxygen is reduced.
Permafrost- Earth, which is in the grip of permafrost emits methane.
Oceans- They give a large amount of water vapor.
Eruption- With it, a huge amount of carbon dioxide is released.
Alive organisms- We all contributes our shares to the greenhouse effect because we exhale the same CO2.
Solar Activity. According to satellites over the past few years, the Sun has significantly increased its activity.  Scientists cannot give exact data on this subject, and therefore there are no conclusions.
We examined the natural factors that influence the greenhouse effect. However, the main contribution is made by human activity. The intensified development of industry, the study of the bowels of the Earth, the development of minerals and their extraction led to the release of a large amount of greenhouse gases, which led to increase the temperature of the planet's surface.

What exactly does a person do to increase global warming?

Oilfield and industry. Using oil and gas as fuel, we emit large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
Fertilizer and tillage. Using of Pesticides and chemicals it releases nitrogen dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas.
Deforestation. Cutting of trees, and it will lead to locking of oxygen and increases carbon dioxide.
Overpopulation of the planet.  Increasing the number of inhabitants of the Earth. To provide the daily needs of the person, more and more establishments are being developed.
The formation of landfills. Lack of waste sorting, wasteful use of products leads to the formation of landfills that are not recycled. They are either buried deep in the ground or burned, and it will lead to ecosystem change.

Global warming mechanism revised Actual world problem
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