Vendors off limits to 3 lanes in Cebu

Vendors off limits to 3 lanes
Vendors off limits to 3 lanes

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No vendors will be allowed to sell the three roads in Cebu City covering Colon, Osmena boulevard and N. Bacalso avenue.

Vendors off limits to 3 lanes in Cebu

Raquel Bohol-Arce, head of the Prevention Restoration Order Beautification Enhancement (PROBE), said despite the outrage of more than 300 vendors at the Plaza in Cebu on Wednesday morning during a consultative meeting.

Vendors Cebu,
Vendors Cebu,

Some vendors are unable to hold back, tears shed by some shoppers.

"Mayor Edgar Labella never mentioned that they could return to Colon, Osmena boulevard or N. Bacalso. Mayor said you can return to your livelihood. Cebu City, "Arce announced.

Vendors off limits,
Vendors off limits,

The Probe chief said such roads have been requested by the national government to clean up City Hall for more than five decades by vendors causing people to have difficult access.

He said there were still vendors on Jakosalem, Manalili, Magallanes and other roads.

Arce, whom Labella relies on to clean up the side walk and the road, called on the public to understand their work as well, since they only kept to the city and Malacanang.

"I would like to ask the public to please bear with us. We are doing our job we understand that this is your livelihood. We will make a way to find a new place”, Arce.

Vendors off limits Cebu,
Vendors off limits Cebu,

He has revealed that they have been interviewing Market Administrator Jonil Matuguina to open the market for vacant positions so that they can legally sale their products.

Some will remain in the Tabo sa Banay.

Tears flowed between two vendor’s leaders, who sold Osmena boulevard near Metro Bank.

One of them said that her son had stopped attending school because they were struggling to make ends meet when they were allowed to sell a few weeks ago.

"We ask that we take care of only a small place and that we can only afford a small amount of our children to school”, according to the vendor.

“Mam, we beg, mam, to please let us back there even just the 2x2 space. We went to Tabo in Banay then we only sale few “, according to a cried mother who also sale foods in Colon Road.

Arce said they would call back to the vendors next week to fix all their problems and to resolve them.

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