Sirao Garden was upgrade in this year | New upgraded Sirao Flowers Garden

Sirao Garden has upgrade in this year

Sirao Garden was upgraded after had popularity

 One of Cebu's attractions is the Sirao Flowers Garden, an 8,000 m² private flower farm owned by a Filipino couple, Alfredo and Elena Sy-Chua.
The main decoration of the garden are red and yellow celosia flowers, which were originally grown by the All Souls’ Day. Red and yellow are the colors associated with Santo Niño de Cebú, the Baby Jesus of Cebu, one of the most recognizable cultural images of Jesus Christ in the Philippines.
After the garden gained popularity, the owners began to grow flowers all year round, and also added various decorations.

New upgraded little amsterdam -

 More than 5000 requests in google every month in 2019 search information about  Sirao Flower Garden.
As you know, blooming gardens have a special beauty in the beginning of autumn, since it was during this period that the green flower beds turn into a palette of rainbow colors just like in a fairy tale. Sirao Flower Garden has the same feature.
Roses always remain classics and it is no coincidence. They proudly rise above other plants due to their height, and sharp spikes keep admiring admirers at a distance. Roses are unpretentious in leaving, they are rather resistant to parasites and are able to please you more than one season in a row.

New upgraded Sirao Flowers Garden -

Sirao Flower Garden is the largest and most amazing flower park in Cebu. This is not a mirage, although at first glance it will seem like a real miracle, erected among palm trees. This floral oasis is recognized as the largest in Cebu!

New upgraded Sirao Garden -

 The total area of ​​Sirao Flower Garden also called how Little Amsterdam is 8000 m². 45 species of various flowers grow here. Many plants are planted in the form of figures.
They worked on the park landscape for a long time. A special drip irrigation system is used in the park to save water, but at the same time for the prosperity of the park and attracting even more tourists.

New Sirao Garden -

 Since September, there are always many travelers here, admiring the amazing landscapes created by people. Being here - on the site of a once lifeless desert, you understand that there is nothing impossible in translating your dreams into reality

New Sirao Garden Cebu -
Sirao Garden Cebu
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