Chernobyl is among the terrible travel destinations in the world

Pripyat chernobyl

According to information from Forbes.

 The publication compiled a list of the darkest places where the so-called "dark" tourists from all over the world go.
 The so-called "dark" tourism involves trips to places that are historically associated with deaths and tragedies. Interestingly, such a gloomy definition has recently been expanded due to the historical significance of such or other points on the planet that attract tourists from all over the world. And not only the terrible past of places full of memory of suffering. However, despite the fact that people visit such places, "dark" tourism is now on the rise, Forbes writes.

 A television show, such as the series "Chernobyl", only increase the interest of travelers to points with a terrible past.
Actually, the ghost town in Ukraine Pripyat is about to become a tourist hit in 2019. Therefore, the publication decided to compile a list of the main destinations in the world where "dark" travelers go, trying to understand or honor the victims of great tragedies. Chernobyl has a growing popularity after movie "Chernobyl" 2019.
 The city of Pripyat is on the list. The publication recalls that the tragedy of the city is associated with the worst nuclear disaster in history that occurred behind the Iron Curtain on April 25-26 in the nearby Chernobyl reactor. The consequences of those events are still obvious. Scientists estimate that about 20 thousand years will pass before the exclusion zone again becomes habitable. “But this does not mean that you can’t see everything with your own eyes as part of a carefully planned and conducted tour of the city and its environs, trying to understand the consequences. The main advice: if you haven’t seen the series before the trip, it’s probably better to wait” writes Forbes.
 The publication also advises to carefully study and comply with the rules of conduct in Chernobyl. Because they are designed so that travelers in the area are not poisoned by radiation. In general, you can go to the Chernobyl zone all year round. In addition to the site of a nuclear disaster in Ukraine, Forbes included the Memorial on September 11 in New York, which is dedicated to the deaths of 2977 people during the terrorist attacks of 2001, in the list of main destinations for "dark" tourism. The former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland was also brought here, in which 1.1 million men, women and children were killed during the Holocaust, the first victim of the nuclear bombing city of Hiroshima in Japan, the Murambi Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, federal prison “ Alcatraz ” in the USA, the ruins of the city of Pompeii and the Choeng Ek death field in Cambodia.

Chernobyl terrible travel destinations
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