Facebook announced purchase a new startup | bracelet transforms the user's thoughts

Facebook announced purchase a new startup
Facebook announced purchase a new startup

Facebook announced the purchase of CTRL-Labs startup, its key development is a bracelet that transforms the user's thoughts into teams for a virtual avatar. The possible amount of the transaction, which he writes with reference to Bloomberg sources, will range from 500 million to a billion dollars.
CTRL-Labs startup for facebook
Over the four years of existence, CTRL-Labs has attracted tens of millions of dollars of venture capital investments, while a significant proportion of the shares remained with the founders. Dozens of employees work on technologies for converting thoughts into digital teams.
A bracelet developed by CTRL-Labs measures the nervous activity on the wrist to determine what movements the user is thinking (he can still remain motionless). The signals of the nervous system are read and converted into commands for the object displayed on the screen.
control device for facebook
Such a technology, the newspaper writes, may in the future become key for augmented reality glasses, which the user will control (including entering text and choosing menu items) not with the help of physical controllers, but with the power of thought. The CTRL-Labs team will join the Facebook Reality Labs division.
Facebook has been working on various neural interfaces since 2017, another prominent player in this area is Neuralink Ilona Mask. In the summer, the company talked about the progress of its development, describing a system with hundreds of needle sensors, capable of reading neuron signals with unprecedented accuracy after implantation using a special robot and, conversely, stimulating them. Non-invasive (not requiring surgical intervention for installation) neural interfaces also exist, but they are not very accurate and so far work much slower than traditional input methods.

Facebook announced new startup bracelet
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