The brother of the druglord shoot and killed

The brother of the druglord shoot and killed, Hezel
The brother of the druglord shoot and killed


Police are now investigating the alleged involvement of illegal drugs and personal quarrels with possible motives for killing the brother of one of the prominent drug lords in Cebu City yesterday morning.

Police Capt. Dexter Basirgo said Mabolo Police Station chief of illegal drugs was identified today as the motive behind the murder of Carry Llaguno alias Tangkag, whose body was found stabbed with his home in Barangay Malubog, Cebu City yesterday. 3 light dawn.

Llaguno's car was first spotted in Barangay Busay but was struck by a bullet but the vehicle was empty.

Villagers in Busay said Llaguno owned the vehicle and received reports that the house had been set ablaze.

Basirgo said it was possible to burn Llaguno's body when they made it to Brgy Malubog.

Llaguno's uncle or Tangkag said bullet proof vests and high powered firearms were carried by armed men who suddenly entered the home.

They were blindfolded along with Tangkag's partner and taken outside. They heard gunmen were searching for weapons.

They even heard Tangkag say that the rest of the family would not. They also heard firearms on the weapon. After removing their blindfold, the house was set on fire.

Llaguno is said to be the brother of the drug lord Tata Negro.

Police also found out that Tangkag was a drug surrenderree and was at the Cebu City Police Office or CCPO last year.Scene of the crimeScene of the crimeScene of the crimeScene of the crimeScene of the crime

Basirgo added that their investigation into the killing and burning of Llaguno should be streamlined.

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