IPhone rating: for how many days residents of different countries can earn on iPhone 11

IPhone 11
IPhone 11

 The Swiss will be able to accumulate the necessary amount on iPhone 11 in 4.8 days, the American in 5.8 days, and the Luxembourger in 6.7 days.
IPhone rating
 Filipino needs 97 days to buy an iPhone 11. This is 59 days less than a year ago. This is evidenced by research data from the portal Picodi.com. "After the September presentation of the new iPhone 11 Pro, we decided to figure out how many days you need to work to earn a new product, and what has changed in this rating compared to last year," the message said. It is noted that the portal has already studied the starting prices for the new iPhone. In 2018, the Philippines also occupied the top line of anti-rating (more than 156 days), followed by Pakistan (more than 88 days). More than 50 business days are required in Argentina, India, China and Mexico. The most comparable with the cost of the smartphone was the remuneration in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark and the Emirates, where in 2018 it took less than 7 days. What does this rating look like in September 2019? "According to the Philippines State Statistics Service, the average monthly salary in the Philippines in the first half of this year was 10,783.13 pesos (8680.4 pesos" clean "). It will take 96.7 days to" work out "the last iPhone. It's 59 days less than a year ago, "the publication emphasizes. The leaders of the ranking were Switzerland, the United States, as well as Luxembourg, where the ratio of iPhone’a to average wage is the most profitable. The average Swiss will be able to accumulate the required amount on iPhone 11 in 4.8 days, the American in 5.8 days, and the Luxembourger in 6.7 days. The anti-record belongs to the Philippines. The residents of Colombia (89.7 days) and Kazakhstan (76.5 days) also need to postpone a long time for a new iPhone. In countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, the new gadget is equivalent at a cost of 31.8 and 25.2 working days.

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