The most popular cars 2019 in different countries: what they buy and why (photo)

cars 2019
cars 2019

 Which cars chose buyers in 2019

 For example, Ford F pickups have been the top sellers of the US market for 32 consecutive years.

 The best-selling cars in Cebu in 2019 are Toyota Hilux, Honda Accord, KIA Sportage, Nissan Navara, Toyota Vios, Mitsubishi L200 and Hyundai Tucson. Journalists at, based on an analysis of the statistical information of the global automotive business analytics supplier JATO Dynamic, decided to find out what are the best-selling cars in different countries of the world. The publication cites figures of the country's population, names the model of the car most bought in 2019 and tries to understand what is associated with such popularity.


What: Ford F Series - 909,330 cars sold Population: 327 million people Why: Ford F pickups have been leading the US market for 32 years in a row. Americans love this car for its large dimensions and clearance, all-terrain, simplicity and excellent technical specifications. His voracity of Americans is not scary - fuel in the US now costs about 80 cents per liter. And the large size of the car corresponds to the breadth of the United States.

Ford F Series,
Ford F Series,


China is the world's largest market for new car sales. In 2018, 23.25 million new cars were sold here. What: Nissan Bluebird Sylphy- sold 481,216 cars Population: 1.386 billion people Why: it is curious that, despite the huge number of its own manufacturers, the Japanese car is the sales leader in China. However, in relation to the population, sales of just over 481 thousand cars are not many. The Chinese love for Sylphy is difficult to understand - they speak of sympathy for its design, economy and convenient dimensions.
Nissan Bluebird Sylphy


What: Honda N-Box key car minibus - 241 870 cars sold Population: 127 million people Why: Japanese love only their cars, they hate “Americans”, and are skeptical of “Europeans”. And key cars, in their opinion, are ideal - small and very economical. Both in purchase, and in the maintenance from the point of view of fuel, service and taxes.
Honda N-Box


What: Maruti Suzuki Alto - 234,471 cars sold Population: 1,340 billion people Why: because it is the smallest (excellent for busy roads in India) and the cheapest car in the country - about $ 3,800. India is the fifth in the world market for new cars . And the miniature Alto in 2018 amounted to every 14th sale.
Maruti Suzuki Alto


What: Chevrolet Onix - 210,451 cars sold Population: 210 million people Why: Brazil is the sixth largest market for new cars. Last year, every 12th buyer opted for the Chevrolet Onix. The popularity of this car is based on a cheap price. And since the Brazilians wanted to sneeze for safety, they were not even stopped by the fact that according to the NCAP version, this hatchback in May 2017 received zero stars for safety.
Chevrolet Onix


In 2018, about 3.4 million new cars were sold here. What: Volkswagen Golf - 172,434 cars sold Population: 83 million people Why: Germans, like the Japanese, love only their own. Volkswagen Golf has been the leader in sales in Germany for the fifth year in a row, although it has shown a drop in performance compared to previous years.
Volkswagen Golf


What: Renault Clio - sold 151,434 cars Population: 67 million people Why: the French are also adherents of their brands. In the ranking of the most popular models they have the dominance of cars of local brands - nine out of ten French bestsellers. The French value their car industry for the comfort of their salons - they say that “foreigners” are not so. For its special sleek design and reasonable prices. And they also talk about the presence of a “soul" in French cars, and what is meant by this is only a guess.
Renault Clio


What: Fiat Panda - 130,206 cars sold Population: 61 million people Why: as you can see, residents of many countries tend to love the domestic manufacturer. The Italians are also supporters of their car industry, and their love translates into a massive purchase of the already outdated, but familiar Panda. Despite the reduction in the car sales market in 2018, Italian people really appreciate the miniature car for the convenience of parking in cities, low purchase cost and operating costs. So the cheap Panda still accounts for one out of every 15 cars sold.
Fiat Panda

South Korea

What: Hyundai Grandeur - sold 113 101 cars Population: almost 52 million people Why: Hyundai Grandeur is appreciated in South Korea for its spacious and ergonomic interior, smooth ride, ease of operation, manufacturability and economy of operation, coupled with a presentable appearance. Therefore, its high sales are mainly formed by legal entities - Grandeur likes to buy South Korean business and ... taxi parks.
Hyundai Grandeur


What: Lada Vesta - sold 108,363 cars Population: 146 million people Why: sales of new cars in 2018 in Russia increased by 12.8% compared to 2017. Lada remained the most popular brand, and Vesta easily took first place with a share of new registrations of 17.5%. Why do Russians love this car? Because he is “his”. Which is not very expensive, and well withstands operation. For his imprisonment under Russian realities.

Lada Vesta,
Lada Vesta,


What: Fiat Egea - 36,649 cars sold Population: 80 million people Why: Fiat Egea has been the best-selling car in Turkey for the third year in a row. And this despite the fact that the Turkish car market in 2018 collapsed by a huge 35%. Fiat Egea is simply the Fiat Tipo just renamed for Turkey. Turks love spaciousness, comfort and show-offs, and Fiat Egea, in their opinion, meets all these requirements. In addition, they have one of the most inexpensive. Sales of new cars in the European Union countries (excluding Malta) in January-April 2019, compared with the same period last year, decreased by 2.6% to 5.3 million units.

Fiat Egea,
Fiat Egea,
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