Budlaan Falls in Cebu I Perfect place for your trip

Budlaan Falls in Cebu
Budlaan Falls in Cebu

“If magic exists on this planet, then it lies in water,” wrote Lauren Aisley. Just see the Budlaan Falls at least once and you will remember this amazing waterfall to make sure the words of the American essayist are true. Admire the beautiful Cebu waterfalls with Sebusite and choose places for future travels.

Budlaan Falls, cebusite.com
Budlaan Falls, cebusite.com

 Budlaan Falls is a beautiful large waterfall that is securely hidden in the rainforests of Cebu and for a long time remained practically "secret". Even today, to get to Budlaan Falls, you have to make a trip.
Having gained rapid speed on a slope, the water breaks down and, not having time to touch the ground, turns into fog. This waterfall is almost milky in color, surrounded by dense green forests. You can swim in the lake, but do not try to jump into it from a cliff - the depth there is much less than it seems.
Due to the large amount of spray in sunny weather, a double rainbow is often visible above the waterfall. According to local legends, rainbow radiance creates a golden sparkle of treasures hidden in caves.

Budlaan Falls Cebu
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