Dense haze from Indonesia still prevails throughout Cebu

Dense haze
Dense haze

Be careful. Dense haze still prevails throughout Cebu and the provinces due to forest fires in Indonesia.
Take extra precautions for people with allergies, especially if there are lung problems, for people with breathing problems, people with asthma.
This year, unusually dry weather in Indonesia provoked the rapid spread of fire: over seven months, the area of ​​fires exceeded 328 thousand hectares, a third of which are peat bogs. One of the main causes of fires is the uncontrolled activities of peasants who deliberately set fire to forests to liberate new territories. Police have already detained more than 180 people on suspicion of arson.
Dense haze Cebu
Smoke from fires in Indonesia is rapidly spreading to neighboring states. In many parts of Malaysia, the level of air pollution has already exceeded the maximum permissible norms for more than a week; classes have been canceled in hundreds of schools. Last weekend in Singapore, the environmental index for the first time in three years reached dangerous levels.

Dense haze Indonesia Cebu
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