Sirao Peak in Cebu good place for camping and take great pictures sunset and sunrise

Sirao Peak in Cebu
Sirao Peak in Cebu

Sirao peak with good sunset and sunrise

 If you are on your own and love to go to the mountains then sirao peak is the perfect place for you. You can conquer one of the mountain peaks of the city of Cebu called Sirao Peak, which is located in the Barangay Mountains of Shirao and is located within the city of Cebu. The height of this mountain is approximately 700 meters above sea level, from the top of which you will see a magnificent picturesque view of the Cebu Metro area and the Busai hills.

Sirao Peak,
Sirao Peak,

How you can to get to sirao peak or Mt. Kan-irag.

 You can take a taxi, bike or car. From Lahug it takes approximately 40 minutes. At the foot of the mountain there is parking for cars where you can leave your car for the night. Parking is not guarded, so be careful.

How to climb sirao peak

 From the bottom of sirao to the top, you will need approximately 20-25 minutes if you walk at a normal speed. The path will be a little steep and narrow. There will be grass on both sides of the path. Payment for entry is not required.

Sirao peak

 If you want to set up camp on top, then you need to go there by about 10 o’clock. At this time, it is very convenient to take a place for your tent because, for example, there are a lot of people on weekends. At the top you can see the unforgettable sunset and sunrise. Do not forget that you are on top and the temperature there is about 17 degrees. Take warm things

 They come down in the morning. The time for descent from 7 to 9 will be most convenient before the onset of heat.

 There is a signal for a mobile phone at sirao peak, but sometimes it is very weak.

 Please note that there are no hotels or comfortable conditions at the top. For this, try to think about it in advance.

What clothes to bring with you at sirao peak

You will need comfortable clothing that retains heat and should not be wet. Shoes, of course, sneakers or boots. Well, pajamas for sleeping.

What needs to bring with you

We have made a list of necessary things. You can take anything you like, but do not forget that many things can complicate your climb.

1. Convenient Camping Tent

2. Extra warm-keeping clothing

3. Comfortable shoes

4. Thermal pajamas / sleepwear

5. Not Wet Jacket

6. Warm sleeping bag

7. Flashlight or any other device for lighting the terrain

8. Food and water. Count on 3 meals a day and about 3 liters of water per person per day.

9. First aid kit and medications (betadine, patches, paracetamol, etc.)

10. Earplugs / eye cup

11. Toiletries - wet wipes, alcohol, mosquito repellent, sun cream, etc.

12. Raincoat / raincoat (in case of rain)

Do not litter the environment. When you leave the top, do not forget to pick up trash.

Sirao Peak Cebu camping sunset sunrise
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