Two suspects hiding in the house of one of the police


Police found two suspects who may have been involved in the murder of former Bien Unido mayor Gisela Boniel. The murder occurred two years ago on June 7, 2017. There was information that one of the police officers had hidden the two killers.

This information was owned by Jonathan Cabal. He is the director of the Bohol Provincial Police Office. Jonathan Cabal announced information about hiding the killers at a press conference on Thursday, September 12. A press conference took place at Camp Sergio Osmeña, the headquarters of the police station. For two years, the police tried to find the killers, but all the actions to no avail. They say that they were hiding in Lapu-Lapu City.

On Thursday, September 12, suspects were again seen in Lapu-Lapu City. The police saw these two people in one of the houses of Barangay Basak, which belongs to the policeman.

This case will be investigated in detail because the concealment of murder suspects is punishable by law.

Delos Reyes told the mayor’s killers, hiding from the police and authorities of the city and country. Their lawyer advised them to do this. This lawyer may lose his job due to the submission of illegal information to people who violate the law. For the same reason, a lawsuit will be filed for obstruction of justice.

suspects the police murder mayor
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