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 How to get from Manila to Cebu as quickly as possible, not very expensive, but at the same time comfortable - a question that is relevant for almost every Filipino and tourist. There are not many travel options - air travel and ferry. In the absence of free time you need to fly, and if there is good weather, you need to use a ferry, the trip on which resembles a small sea cruise.
 They travel from Manila to Cebu for different purposes. Someone is attracted by local history, because a large port city on the island of the same name was founded in the 16th century by Magellan himself. Other travelers are interested in shopping, because it is in Cebu that the largest markets and shops of the Philippines are located. Someone needs to get to the local airport or to the ocean liner, which are quite a lot in the city's port. Some at work or visit relatives.

map Manila to cebu route -
map Manila to cebu route -


 The airport, where local Filipino planes land, including from Manila, is not located in Cebu. Neither in the city, nor within the island. Cebu Airport, by the way, is the fourth largest in the Philippines located on the neighboring island - Mactan. The airport itself is called Mactan-Cebu.
 For travelers who are traveling to the Philippines for the first time and planning their movements in advance, this fact seems suspicious. They expect to face difficulties in how to get to Cebu after landing.

Mactan–Cebu International Airport -
Mactan–Cebu International Airport -

 In fact, there is nothing difficult in traveling from the airport to the city on the neighboring island, you will not have to look for berths with ferries and specify the time of departure, depending on weather at sea. The islands are connected by a pair of bridges that take taxis, transfers, and buses to the Cebu airport from the airport.
The cost of flying from Manila on small planes of a local airline varies from $50 to $110. The price depends on the season, time of day and, of course, on the amount of luggage and the option of purchasing a ticket. With early booking, not during the tourist season and in the absence of a lot of luggage, you can fly away even for less than $50. Sometimes airlines hold promotions selling cheap flights.
 The time of departure of the aircraft on a specific date and the cost of the flight can be found using the search portal for ticket sales or any similar one.

 The following companies serve passengers departing on this air route:
1. Philippines AirAsia
2. Cebu Pacific
3. PAL Express
4. South East Asian Airlines
5. Zest Airways
 The portals of carriers provide the most relevant information regarding all the nuances of flights - baggage volumes, prices, departure times and more.

cebu pacific airlines -
cebu pacific airlines -

 The airplanes are exactly one hour. This trip from the airport on Maktan to Cebu takes from 30 to 50 minutes, its duration depends on where exactly the tourists go. Buses depart every half hour, and taxis wait for passengers in a riser near the airport.

The distance from the airport Mactan to the beginning of Cebu is from 13.3 to 13.7 km, depending on the route. The cost of the trip is 200-350 pesos, non-cash payment is not accepted, therefore payment only in cash. If you have a currency, then use the exchange office and exchange money at the airport of Manila or Cebu.

 The fare on the bus is 25 pesos, the driver accepts payment. The stop is located near the exit from the internal terminal, you do not have to search for it. Buses run from 07:00 to 21:00. Departure interval is half an hour. In Cebu, the final stop is SM City Cebu. Buses do not go to the historic center.
In Manila, the airport is called Nina Akuino. It has 4 terminals and a pair of runways. There is an airport terminal between the cities of Pasay City and Paranak, at a distance of just over 7 km in the south-west direction from Makati City. Accordingly, getting to it will not be difficult from anywhere on the island.

 The airport itself is quite large, but free buses run on its territory. Therefore, you can get to the desired terminal quickly and comfortably from anywhere in the terminal. The bus traffic interval is from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the time of day and the number of flights. Domestic destinations, including in the direction of Cebu, are served in terminals “2” and “3”. You can read about the bus schedule here


You can find out the actual cost of a ferry trip on a specific date, as well as the time of departure of a vessel, on the companies websites:
• CebuFerries;
• Negros;
• Elgreco
The average cost of a sea voyage is $17. Ferries sail 565.38 kilometers in 20 hours.

port cebu -
port cebu -

 The conditions on the ships are quite modern - there is Internet access, sockets, air conditioning and other amenities needed by passengers.
Those who are considering how to get from Manila to Cebu, but not leave a car, a motorcycle or a scooter on island parking, need to use another type of sea transport - cargo ferries. The fare on such a vessel directly depends on the size of personal transport and starts at $20.
 In addition to freight ferries carrying travelers with personal vehicles, there are ships carrying small buses with passengers, but they do not go to Cebu.
 The schedule depends on the weather, so it makes no sense to book tickets in advance, you just need to come to the pier, read the information on the board and arrive at the pier on the right date at least an hour before departure. A margin of time is necessary in order to have time to visit three ticket offices. You can read the schedule of the port of Cebu here
ferries cebu

 In the first, the ticket itself is purchased, in the second the “terminal fee” is paid and in the third the money is collected to collect the “environmental see”. That is, a passenger boarding a ferry with three multi-colored paper tickets; in the absence of them, they will not be allowed to go on deck.

The pier in Manila is called the Manila Harbor Center. It includes 14 piers. Find this place simply by GPS coordinates - 14.6323,120.9433. Or you can take any public transport, including taxis, to the North Port stop. It is preferable to go to the berths by taxi. You can not let go of a taxi and visit the necessary piers from which cargo ferries depart, or from where passenger ships depart.

 This is an important point, since the port of Manila stretches along the coastline for 19 kilometers, and the depth of its berths averages 11.5 meters. That is, when viewed from the sea, the coast line resembles a tree branch, numerous moored ships act as leaves.
There are not only piers needed by travelers, but also moorings intended for:
1. Tankers.
2. Merchant ships.
3. Roller.
4. Reception and handling of containers.
 Three piers receive container ships, but at the same time they look from the shore quite like those from which cargo passenger ferries depart. The numbering is quite confusing and sometimes it’s easier to go into the building at the pier than to find a sign with a digital sign and information. Therefore, a taxi is useful, of course, if the traveler does not have his own transport.

 When planning to go Manila to Cebu by ferry, you need to understand that such a trip is actually very different from moving on cruise ships or motor ships. In fine weather and with completely calm water, such a trip will be an incredible pleasure, but even with a small route it will turn into a 20-hour nightmare. Rocking in local waters is a regular phenomenon and it is not considered bad weather.

 You also need to consider that there are no luggage compartments on passenger ferries. This means that you have to take all your things with you. There are no fastenings for luggage and in a strong roll the suitcase can “move independently” to the opposite side of the cabin. Such nuances must be taken into account and set off on a trip by sea only in good calm weather.

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