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Tops Busay, Jon Smitt
Tops Busay

Tops Busay is attraction in Cebu.

 This is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the city. It is owned by Emro Holdings Inc. The cost of visiting is 100 pesos. For both foreign tourists and Filipinos. You can pay at the entrance. Tops Busay has cafes and benches for picnic.
 You can look at the city of Cebu from above. Day and evening are equally beautiful. Too many visitors like to watch the area from a height. And especially in the evening, when the whole city glows. Many visitors are surprised when such a view opens up from the site that, like all night views, it is impossible to transmit using the camera on a smartphone.

Tops Busay,
Tops Busay,

How Tops Busay look

 Tops is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level, and its area is about 1 hectare. The floor is decorated with concrete slabs in the form of hexagons, which somewhat resembles a large soccer ball. On the side is a long arch-tunnel, where you can find several small restaurants, sit, relax, drink soft drinks. The prices here are understandably a bit overpriced, so if you are for the savings, take sandwiches and drinks with you and have a small picnic on one of the many benches with stunning views of the city.
 This place in the evening is perfect for couples in love, very romantic. But do not forget (just in case) to grab something so as not to freeze, because the temperature on the tops of the busay is lower than in the city. In addition, here you can watch beautiful sunsets that will be remembered for a lifetime. Also, this place is especially for you if you want to breathe fresh cool air, not polluted by the environment. Especially saves in the hot summer season, when it seems that the sun can melt you.

Tops Busay Cebu,
Tops Busay Cebu,

How to get there

 Typically, tourists who want to visit Tops as budget as possible, choose a motorbike. You can also take a taxi. In any case, the journey takes approximately 20-30 minutes from the city to the tops busay.

Tops Busay in Cebu,
Tops Busay in Cebu,
Tops Busay Cebu attraction
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