Cyclists are not allowed to ride bridges.


Athletes first use the old bridge to participate in the Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific. Previously, a new bridge was used. It was the wider and better equipped Marcelo Fernan Bridge. Cycling enthusiasts make noise while traveling across a bridge. The Mactan-Cebu Bridge Management Board (MCBMB) seeks to completely ban cyclists from using the bridges that connect Cebu and Mactan Island. The ban will be valid on Thursday September 12, 2019.

The locked bridge ride was approved by the bridge board on Tuesday September 10th. This was necessary to prevent suicide. These suicides occurred on both bridges Marcelo Fernan Bridge, Mactan-Cebu Bridge.

Cyclists complain about the ban. They argue that this is a wrong decision that does not solve anything. And cycling enthusiasts will fight for their rights and achieve their goal. And their goal is to ride on bridges, the ride on which in their opinion does not bother anyone.

The head coach of the triathlon group Talisay Luigi (TLTG) is is Roland “Andoy” Remolino. Members of this group ride long bicycles. Roland “Andoy” Remolino said cyclists should not be allowed to ride bridges. Why? Because many of the cyclists have traffic rules and cyclist rights.

Gwendolyn Garcia Governor claims that the bridges were not built for cyclists, but for other purposes.

Cyclists bridges noise
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