A Grade 8 student was killed and raped

8 student was killed and raped, Hezel
8 student was killed and raped

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A 14-year-old was fatally stabbed in the head, suspects were arrested!

In a report on GMA News "Witnesses" on Tuesday, the victim identified Honeelyn Riego, a grade 8 students, who was unable to return home from school on Monday.

 Neptune Riego (the biological father of the victim) immediately looking for his daughter after someone reported him that his daughter has no longer to be found since Monday. Elly Cenerion (stepfather) who is the suspect also joined Riego to look for the victim.

Shortly thereafter, Cenerion saw the girl's body being stabbed with a broken bottle and also cracking her skull.

In addition, the victim was also raped.

However, when authorities began investigating, it was discovered that Cenerion (Step father of the victim) was behind the heinous crime and admitted that it was him who killed and raped the girl.

"I'm too drunk. I don't know whats on my mind. I admit I did all of it, I killed her.. confessed Cenerion, who also confirmed that he had been raped the girl.

He committed the crime because the girl did not favor her relationship with her mother.

Photos of the victim and the suspect, GMA Photos of the victim and the suspect, GMA Photos of the victim and the suspect, GMA
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