A young woman was arrested in Cebu.


A 27-year-old woman was arrested in Cebu during a drug-related operation. The purpose of the special operation was to purchase narcotic substances in the amount of P12 million. Aryan Anne Reyes is a suspect caught with 1.8 kilograms of shabu. The total cost of drugs is P12,240.00. Aryan Anne Reyes was caught before 7 p.m. and he had drugs with him. They were stacked in one large box and 17 slightly smaller plastic packaging. What services did the special operation carry out? The Mambaling Police Station, City Drug Enforcement Unit, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency. Police Corporal Emmalyn Labating - the day desk officer of the Mambaling police. He said the police are conducting an additional investigation. The essence of the investigation is to determine if Reyes is part of one of the drug treatment groups in Cebu that exist in Cebu.

Moreover, police caught a young 25 year old girl, Mary Joy Lavistre Villamala. She was caught with 200 grams of drugs. The total value of which is P1.36 million.

drug narcotic substances shabu
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