Cebu City Nightlife | Cebu IT Park and Mango Square


If you want nightlife, there are many hot nightlife spots in Cebu City where you can choose from. Mango Avenue and Mango Square, the place where all the bars and nightclubs are located. You will also find a large number of strip clubs lining Mango Avenue leading to Mango Square.

Several new nightlife venues with different themes are located in the International Bar Complex, next to the Convention Center. If during the evening you are looking for any alternative to bars and nightclubs, many karaoke bars and several casinos can be found in large hotels.

 Cebu IT Park

Cebu IT Park Known before as Asiatown IT Park is the best area of ​​the city to experience Cebu City nightlife. At any time of the day you can have a great drink and have fun here. Usually night revelers flock to Cebu IT Park by 22:00, when most of the bars and clubs that open until 05:00 the next day begin to open.

Weekends are usually crowded, and prior reservations are recommended to find a place. Famous nightclubs in the area are Penthouse and The Loft, and the most popular bars are Moon Cafe, Pier 1 and Jacobos.

cebu it park

Mango Square on Mango Avenue

Mango Square at Mango Cebu City Avenue This is another popular nightlife venue in Cebu with a large collection of pubs and bars. Like other nightclubs, weekdays are manageable and tolerant, but if you come to Mango for the weekend, the place is crowded to the brim. Foreigners additionally respect Mango Square because of the large selection of pretty girls hanging around.

Mango Square is a hit for middle-income people. And because of the abundance of night activities taking place in this place, petty crime also flourishes, so be on the alert. Go-go bars and clubs usually open around 22:00 and fall asleep in the early hours of the morning (06:00).

Mango Square on Mango Avenue

Cebu IT Park Mango Square Mango Avenue
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