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Geocaching - what kind of game is this.

 Studying modern geocaching games? We tell the general rules of the game in the search for caches and objects using GPS. The game has become very popular in preschool educational institutions, for schoolchildren and adolescents, but adults are also not averse to playing.

What is it, geocaching?

 The popular game is conquering more and more new spaces. Geocaching appeared in 2002, when several enthusiasts created their website with a database of caches. This game consists in finding caches that are hidden by other participants in places, preferably outside the city limits, but elso on the city's territory, that are of historical, cultural or geographical value. Cache location data is published on the Internet, and other game participants use these coordinates and the GPS receiver to search. In addition, information about the cache can be supported by photographs from the place itself, which will make it more attractive to participants. You are from 14 to 70 years old? Less or more? It does not matter! You can search for caches at any age, with friends, colleagues, parents. All you need is a computer, a GPS receiver, and also, if possible, you can use additional tools to help you search using a tablet or laptop. This game is addictive. And rather, it is not as competitive as educational. Caches are located in places that need more information, and this is useful and curious. And, of course, the “treasure hunt” is an exciting activity in itself.

Geocaching is an excellent family entertainment

 In addition, finding a cache is not as easy as it might seem at first. It would seem easier to find a place using a GPS receiver? But the GPS receiver determines the coordinates with an accuracy of several tens of meters, which allows you to only approximately determine the position. Agree, this complicates the task quite a lot. But, of course, people inspired by the idea of finding a cache - this will not stop. If you want to create hiding places yourself, then you need to know that most often the hiding place is a container with a lid, which contains the desired "treasures". It can be almost any small items, such as discs, toys, books or anything original. In addition, it is necessary to put a notebook, pen or pencil in the cache so that people who find the cache can check in there and pick up the “treasures”, this notebook will contain all the information about the cache and the people who visited it.

Geocaching game with family -

An example of what a cache might look like

 If you find a cache in the place of the received item, you must leave an equivalent or more valuable thing. In addition, the place of the cache must be carefully masked so that it is not ruined and so that other participants would be just as interested in looking for it. You can also place a bag of red pepper there to protect it from uninvited guests, such as animals. And upon returning home, the last step remains for you, is to write about your success in the guestbook of the blog, website or community on which you found the coordinates of the cache. Also, if there is no possibility to hide a cache outside the city limits, but nevertheless in the vicinity there is a high probability that it will be ruined, then you can use the so-called “virtual” caches. In this case, it is enough for the participant to send the correct answer to the question put by the author of the cache on the site, usually relating to the place or place of interest in order to receive a credit for visiting. The rules of this entertaining game are quite simple and observing them you will be its full participant: Unusual caches, probably the main rule of this entertainment.

Geocaching game -

Unusual caches, probably the main rule of this entertainment.

 Create interesting, unusual hiding places. You yourself will be pleased to find such a place, and the participants will be grateful. Enhance your cache information with photos and attractive information. Do not forget, after you have taken the “treasure” from the cache, put an equivalent item there and make an appropriate note in the notebook. Mask the cache well. If you are an author, warn the rest of the participants about all the dangers or difficulties, and also inform about additional equipment that may be needed in this place. Forbidden:

What is prohibited in geocaching

- Create caches in places where private or guarded military facilities are located.

- Create two or more hiding places at one historical / cultural place or attraction. 
- Putting in a cache alcohol, drugs, weapons, tobacco products, "toys for adults." Keep in mind that children play the game.
Well, in general, you can create your own rules and prohibitions if you organize such a game among your company, and do not participate in geocaching through some specialized site. Indeed, in fact, this game is accessible to everyone, and can take various forms, it all depends on your desire and enthusiasm!

Geocaching game popularity quest search treasures
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