African plague appeared at Cebu | Illness has affected for pigs


The African plague appeared and spreads to Cebu. This plague caused the death of many pigs. The Philippines is very affected by the African plague. But the plague did not spread in all areas of the Philippines, but only in some areas. Now other areas are being checked for the risk of plague. Unfortunately, the plague does not have a vaccine and is not treated. It is also dangerous for people.

African plague is a viral disease of pigs characterized by fever, skin cyanosis and extensive hemorrhages in the internal organs. Belongs to list A according to the International Classification of Infectious Animal Diseases. For humans, African swine fever is not dangerous.

In vivo, domestic and wild pigs of all ages are susceptible to African swine fever. The source of the pathogen is sick animals and virus carriers. Infection of healthy pigs occurs when kept together with infected virus carriers. Pathogen transmission factors - feed, pasture, vehicles contaminated with excreted sick animals. The use of uncontaminated table waste in feed contributes to the spread of the pathogen. Mechanical carriers of the virus can be birds, domestic and wild animals, rodents, cutaneous parasites (some types of ticks and lice) that were in contact with sick and dead pigs. The reservoirs of the virus in nature are African wild pigs and ticks of the genus ornithodoros.

African plague Cebu disease
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