Details about online store Lazada who gaining popularity at the Philippines

Online store Lazada
Online store Lazada

Online store Lazada is gaining popularity in the Philippines

Lazada in the Philippines: shopping details

Lazada website was launched in 2012, and today it works not only in Siam, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. For such a speed of development, the Lazada was nicknamed the "Southeast Asian Amazon."

A huge advantage of the site is that you can buy almost everything except food products: clothes, cosmetics, medicines, pet products, household appliances, electronics, etc. Reminds English Next or Matalan, Chinese Aliexpress or American Amazon for example.

Lazada at the Philippines
Online store Lazada
A few important details about shopping at Lazada - useful to many customers of this online store.

    Shopping is possible only within the country - goods are not sent outside the Philippines.
    The site works in English.
    There is a proprietary smartphone application.
    Payment methods - PayPal, bank cards, cash upon receipt, Counter Service. Many recommend using the latter: we come to the 7-Eleven store, we inform you of the order number and pay in cash. The commission is better to clarify. Read more about the multifunctional payment service Counter Service here.
    With bank cards, there is a significant limitation - you need a Philippine bank card, but since the site is constantly evolving, the conditions may change. For example, there are no problems with BDO Bank cards, which I also really like - there is online banking, technical support is always ready to help, even when I call from remote islands. Paying for foreign cards may not work.
    It is important to correctly indicate the address in the country where the package will arrive. You can ask the exact address of the owner of the guesthouse where you live, or in the office of the management company at the condominium or housing estate.
    Parcel with goods comes either directly to the address of the courier or to the post office, and the owner is brought a notice about the need to pick up the purchase.
    After making a purchase, you can track its delivery via the internal tracking service.
    Day to day delivery is only available for Manila. In other cities, you must wait a few days before the parcel arrives.

Lazada has, in addition to minor troubles with payment. There is only one not very pleasant detail - like on Amazon, Ebey or Aliexpress, there are many sellers. And the order for each of them must be paid separately. Which, in my opinion, is not fatal, although it complicates shopping a little.

Shopping at Lazada

The main reason this short review has been created is to give a hint to readers who, as we know, have a great weakness for cosmetics. The fact is that it is presented at Lazada in such a huge assortment and at the same affordable prices that online shopping here can be a worthy alternative for those who do not want to go to shopping centers and beauty shops.

Another interesting situation is that if the buyer is physically located for example in Cebu today, and there are still a lot of reviews about cosmetics. And therefore, it is not always possible to understand exactly what you want, in which particular store cosmetics or some other product was purchased. And even when such an opportunity exists, it is impossible to do this for different cities in the Philippines. Lazada is for this purpose created so that it would be possible to calmly live in some places remote from resort or capital locations and buy no worse than residents of Manila.

It also presents a huge and inexhaustible assortment of everything in the world: from cosmetics and clothing to motorbikes.

 Lazada sites are a good help for making important purchases to residents of islands or small towns. Or for those who physically do not like live shopping, do not have enough time for it, etc.

If you have important additions regarding the operation of the Lazada site in the Philippines, you can share them in the comments to this article - your information will certainly be useful to readers of the

We wish you fast couriers and the Internet

online store Lazada popularity Philippines Cebu
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