The city government has allocated money to maintain cleanliness in the city


The city of Cebu spent about 75 million pounds to maintain cleanliness in the city. The government has allocated money for the construction of treatment facilities in the city. head of the Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office - John Jigo Dacua, said that this is extra money for the budget. The amount of money allocated by the government includes structural work, construction work, and the technology for the construction of treatment facilities.

A project will be organized in which the winner will be selected. The participant who won will have to plan the work in such a way as to complete the construction and finish it within three six months.

Last year, environmental violations were identified due to operations on the Pasil Fish Market and Carbon Public Market.

The EMB announced that there are no permits for the release of chemically toxic substances to generate fluorescent lamps. If the government does not change this situation, the city will be fined.

The city administration must solve the problems of the previous administration. It did not solve the problems that should have been solved even earlier. Now the administration, which is responsible for the city at the moment, must resolve the issues of the previous administration. The previous administration stated that it would contain wastewater.

City authorities money cleanliness
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