Police and drug suspect injured


Two police officers and two men suspected of selling, storing and using drugs were injured. The result of injured people was a discussion between officials on the actions of the police. Were the orders and actions of public servants correct?

People were injured during an operation to detain people suspected of selling, storing and distributing narcotic substances. A police major said the special operation was at 8 a.m. At this time, the police saw suspect Jason Espinosa, he was in his car. Then the operation began to detain the suspect.

Police disguised as ordinary people made a deal with the suspect. When he realized that they were not ordinary citizens, but policemen, he started a car with the aim of leaving. Jason Espinosa hit two police officers and left the scene. The police who were nearby chased after Espinosa. The police were able to drive the car into a dead end and he was no longer able to steal from the employees. After that, he was slightly injured and started shooting at the police. The police began to shoot back in order to protect themselves. Jason Espinosa was taken to the hospital. He received two gunshot wounds.

Police officers drug injured operation
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