Surplus food will be used to fight hunger


Surplus food will be used to fight hunger

The problem of garbage collection in Cebu remains. This applies in particular to food waste. The city produces a large amount of such garbage. Councilor Alvin Dizon wants people to donate food to people who are starving. Alvin Dizon also emphasized that the problem of food waste is very important for people. People in the Philippines who throw away unnecessary food should understand that this food is needed by poor people who do not have the money to buy their own food. Therefore, the Councilor encourages people to share with other people.

The government wants to take action to fight hunger. The government also plans to reduce food waste and organize the redistribution of excess food. Leftover food will be sent to charity and processing.

Alvin Dizon's proposal will be submitted to a committee that discusses and passes various laws.

In order to take surplus food that people do not need, you need to have a certificate from the health care. The certificate is necessary to ensure that food products are of good quality and can be eaten. Food can be donated by restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, grocery stores, canteens. Organizations that donate food will benefit from garbage collection.

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