Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary in Cebu


Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary is one of the most visited attractions on the Philippine island of Cebu. Here you will see exotic butterflies that hatch from cocoons in specially maintained temperature and humidity, spread their wings, flutter over the head of admiring visitors, and also eat nectar, honey, and fruits, laid out as refreshments on tables.

Foundation History

The Butterfly Sanctuary was built in 1974 by an artist from Cebuano and Professor Julian Jumalon. When Professor Jumalon was still alive, he planted fodder plants in the garden to attract butterflies in his house.

Jumalon Nature Reserve is currently the oldest and largest butterfly collection in the country. Currently, this place is occupied by the children and grandchildren of Professor Jumalon.

Butterfly Sanctuary Tour

You can visit the Jumalon Nature Reserve on your own or with an excursion group. The guide will lead you along the overgrown paths, name the most famous butterflies "by name" and talk a little about life preferences, menus and life of each of them. Tours are conducted mostly in English. The entry fee is quite moderate. Insects should not be fed, touched, or tried to be carried outside the reserve. Unfortunately, some specimens die before your very eyes, because tropical butterflies don't live long: from 1 day to 2-3 weeks.

tourist place Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary garden
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