Plane crash in Calamba

plane crach
plane crach

Plane crash in Calamba

At about 3 pm on Sunday, a plane crash in Calamba, Laguna. In the place where the plane fell, there are many resorts. The consequence of the accident was the death of 9 people. The incident was able to capture the resident from Barangay Pansol - Norman Capuchino. By installing a CCTV camera on the roof of his house, the accident was recorded on video and is now already on the Internet. The video shows that the pilot tried to cope with the aviating but to no avail. Then something caught fire on the plane, smoke came out of the plane and it fell. After the fall, the plane caught fire. There are many resorts in the place where the aircraft happened.

Authorities collect information on surviving and injured passengers. And they also pay attention to the number of dead. Now there are already 9 dead, but their identities are not defined. Authorities consider whether a greater number of victims have been identified.

This aircraft was a medical evacuation aircraft. That is, it is designed to move medical staff and the wounded. The plane flew from the Dipolog Airport in Zamboanga del Norte. Later, it lost touch with those on duty near Manila.

After reporting a plane crash, a fire brigade left the scene, a team that is involved in disaster management. Specialists conducted a rescue operation.

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