Types taxi at the Cebu. Airport taxi and City taxi

yellow and white taxi cebu
yellow and white taxi cebu

Cebu have two types of taxis yellow and white.

 Yellow taxi only from the airport. The minimum rate is increased, something around 200 pesos.
yellow taxi cebu
 White taxis are ordinary city cabs. They have a minimum rate of 40 pesos. Usually they have a queue.
white taxi cebu
 You can see the taxi queue at the airport and at the exit of large shopping centers.

 In other places, taxis can be caught on the street with a wave of the hand.

 Very often taxi drivers do not know the city, it will be necessary to explain what location you'll need. Basically, Cebu's taxi drivers if they don’t know the desired location ask another taxi driver or use Google maps. There are situations when a taxi driver just asks for an address and not go, saying that he doesn’t know the road and where to go, or his laziness. You can also use the mobile application Grab, but recently the Grab has raised prices and the price will be more expensive than just stopping a taxi. Also in the Grab application there is a high probability of denial of service due to the lack of free cars and an increase in cost due to congestion on the roads.
Most often, sedans or minivans are used as taxi cars at Cebu. Sometimes there are cases when the driver tries to get more than the declared tariff.

Several local taxi numbers:

Holiday taxi
Phone +63 32 345 1622

Atlas TaxiCab
Phone +63 32 253 6637

taxi Cebu Airport taxi City taxi grab
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