How understand Hotels and Resorts stars system at the Cebu Philippines

Hotels and Resorts at the Cebu Philippines
Hotels and Resorts at the Cebu Philippines

 Hotels and Resorts Cebu Philippines VS Hotels and Resorts at another countries

 Often, having heard the magic phrases “all inclusive” and “5-star hotel”, tourists literally lose their heads, attacking any offer with these alluring words. But often the difference between a 3- and 5-star hotel is only in price.

 Cebusite decided to research in detail what these stars mean and whether to choose a hotel by their number.

 Many hotels and resorts at Cebu use star system for hotel and resort rating. Stars are perhaps the most famous way to classify hotels. Such a system is called Hotel stars Union. This system uses many hotels around the world, actually this system used at Philippines too. This classification looks something like this.

1-star hotel ☆
Simply Services.

 All rooms are of the same type, minimum services,
no daily cleaning. Amenities: bed, chair,
mirror, bedside table, wardrobe, soap (not always). Not always have kitchen for order breakfast and not always bathroom is private. TV and telephone are in the lobby. Actually this type hotels sometimes looks like how hostel.

1-star hotel,
1-star hotel,

Hotel 2 stars ☆☆
A Budget option.

 1-2 types of rooms. Also, a minimum of services but with daily cleaning plus a separate (private) shower in the room. All the same as at a hotel 1-star category plus bar, elevator and breakfast.

2-stars hotel,
2-stars hotel,

Hotel 3 stars ☆☆☆
Middle Class.

 Several types of rooms (single, two-room, place for smokers etc.). Standard set of services: daily cleaning, separate (private) shower, TV, minibar or a refrigerator. On the territory: pool, gym, restaurants, entertainment centers, exchange office.
3-stars hotel

Hotel 4 stars ☆☆☆☆
High Class.

All standard services, room cleaning several times
per day, as well as special service categories (spa, massage,
several bars and restaurants). In the room should be: telephone, minibar, safe, hairdryer, bathrobes, several towels, cosmetic supplies, orthopedic mattresses.

4-stars hotel,
4-stars hotel,

5-star hotel ☆☆☆☆☆
Class Luxury.

 Extensive range of services, including exclusive (golf club, helipad, apartments with an individual manager). Services what have included: luggage delivery, doorman, swimming pool, satellite TV, fitness clubs, spa, children's camps and other elite services.

5-stars hotel

Diamonds, crowns, letters and points rating system.

However, in the world, not all countries use such a system. In addition to the stars, some hotels also have diamonds (USA, Canada), crowns (Great Britain), letters (Greece), points (India). But all of them somehow equal to the star system.

hotels also have diamonds (USA, Canada)

 But even if the hotel has a 5-star rating, far from all countries' means high quality and amenities. We try to check where is different in this system between Philippines system and another countries.

 Turkish hotels and resorts VS hotels and resorts at the Cebu Philippines

 There are three types of hotels in Turkey: club hotels, hotels and tourist villages.
• Tourist villages can be at different levels. They somewhat resemble places for ecotourism, as they are as close as possible to culture and nature.
• Club hotels — hotels with a large territory and all amenities. Rating above three stars. The guest chooses entertainments on the principle of "do not deny yourself anything", and the main task is to make the tourist leave the place of rest with tears in his eyes (meaning positive emotions).
• Hotels can be all stars, but there is a small issues. In the hotel "5 stars" you may well have service how in a 4- or even 3-star. All due to the fact that the certification of hotels in this country is regular, but its confirmation may take years. Therefore, hotels often themselves assign any number of stars to themselves. Similar situation we usually can to see at the Philippines and Cebu's resorts.

 If you are planning have a vacation to Turkey, choose a hotel by "age", guest reviews and prices. According to statistics when younger the hotel, the better. Such hotels most often correspond to the declared quality. By the way, in Turkey there is also a classification of services: all-inclusive may be much different than ultra all-inclusive (This type cervices not provide hotels and resorts at Philippines). Therefore, it is better to know in advance about the types of these services. For example, if they say "all-inclusive", ask employees what really included to this proposal.

There is also no clear classification of hotels. Often, guests themselves assign stars on travelers websites, and sometimes tour operators, to increase the price of service. This system sometimes not real. Also, travelers websites practice payment system for hotels rating.

Turkish hotels and resorts

Egyptian's hotels and resorts VS hotels and resorts at the Cebu Philippines

Travelers who have been to Egypt more than once like to joke: “If you are offered a 5-star room in Egypt, then take away a couple of stars and you will get what will be in reality.”

 Actually hotels orientation is not on quality, but on the range of services. The more a hotel can provide, the more stars there included. But no one will responsive for quality. Therefore, choosing a hotel, you should carefully study the range of services provided.

Egyptian hotels and resorts

 Germany's hotels and resorts VS hotels and resorts at the Cebu Philippines

 Although Germany is part of the Hotelstars Union countries, the star rating of hotels here is controlled by the DEHOGA organization, and it does this very, very strictly. Therefore, if the hotel is designated "5 stars", then rest assured, the way it is. However, there is one difference.

 Germany often lacks pools, even in luxury hotels. Although this is an obligatory option all over the world also at Philippines included Cebu, the Germans do not it. Therefore, if you need a pool, you should ask about it in advance when booking a room at hotel or resort.

Germany's hotels and resorts

Italian hotels and resorts VS hotels and resorts at the Cebu Philippines

 The most complicated hotel classification system in Italy. Their system, can to broke your brain, Italians themselves cannot figure out the stardom of their hotels. This is due to the fact that tourism there is subject to the regions, and there are 20 in Italy. And almost everyone has their own charter, which “catches” the stars on hotels as they like.

 For example, there may be 5-star luxury hotels, which in fact is the usual “simple five-star hotel or resort”. And in such regions as Abruzzo, Campania, Calabria, Liguria, Sardinia, a sophisticated point system. Here, in some way they understand, they calculate points at each hotel and on the basis of this they give out stars. And often the class of the hotel may not meet expectations.

 By the way, in Italy each star can be bought, a separate tax is paid on it. Therefore, often a hotel has only 2 stars, and is advertised as a 4-star. Before going to Italy, the first thing to do is to find out in which region the hotel is located and what the region has standards.

Italian hotels and resorts

 France's hotels and resorts VS hotels and resorts at the Cebu Philippines

Until recently, there were only 4-star hotels in France. Five appeared later, but you can also meet the 4 lux hotel — these are the same 5 stars.
Hotel classification in France:
1 star — an overnight stay. Hostel conditions.
2 stars — a budget option, a minimum of amenities, guests are offered a simpl breakfast.
3 stars — middle class. It has a cafe, spacious rooms and internet access.
4 stars — usually located in the center of City. The rooms besides the shower have a hairdryer and bathroom. Many resorts and hotels has a sauna and pool.
5 stars — hotels of the highest rang. In these hotels, restaurants with excellent cuisine, beauty salons, excellent and expensive service.
There is the same classification as in Italy, that is, practically none. It all depends on the region and location.
France's hotels and resorts

Spain's hotels and resorts VS hotels and resorts at the Cebu Philippines

 In the Spain, in addition to stars, there is another classification of hotels.

Refugio (refugios) - literally translates as "refuge" or "refuge", in fact it is an ordinary hostel.
Fondas is a group of small hotels, mainly a family business.
Pensiones - this may be a vilage's hotel or a former hotel that has lost its rating.
Paradores - super-expensive hotels in the territory of ancient castles, mansions, estates.

Spain's hotels and resorts

Emirate's hotels and resorts VS hotels and resorts at the Cebu Philippines

 The more stars on a hotel sign in the Emirates, the better. Here there are 6 and even 7-star hotels offering truly royal service. But these 7 stars are an unofficial rating. It is believed that adding an extra star is just an advertising action. However, having visited such a hotel, you will definitely not be disappointed with the service.

Emirate's hotels and resorts

 In Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea the usual using standard "star" system. Rating for yourself is actually self initiative. As a rule, the quality of service in hotels in these countries corresponds to the European level, and often even better.
 This is because tourists travel to Europe for impressions and walking around, and hotels just a place to sleep. When tourists come to Asia actually to Philippines, their want to have relaxed on the beach, meditate and take a break from the bustle of the city. Therefore, the requirements here are different. So, at conclusion star system at the Cebu, Philippines hotels and resorts has similar system with another countries. Advice for travelers it's check real reviews, hotels and resorts condition before payment and don't afraid and send reviews for hotels on independence web sources.


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