Another dead body found in Cordova, Cebu City

Unidentified floating dead man. CTTO owner for the photos, Hezel
Unidentified floating dead man. CTTO owner for the photos

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An unidentified man who is floating off the coast of Shell Island in Cordova is believed to have been salvaged.

People believed that the man was tied up of nylon and they also saw a gun shot on his neck and head.

According to Police Chief Master Sergeant Marvin Ando,  Cordova Police Station investigator, believed that the man was probably killed in the southern province of Cebu and taken by the wave of sea.

The unidentified man was wearing pink t-shirt and short and is about 30 years old.

People think that the man is not from Cordova, because no one knew who is he.

I'm pretty sure nothing happened on Shell Island (the killing) because aside from our security guard, there are also members of the Provincial Mobile Force Company PMFC who never heard a shot," Ando said.

The policemen of Cordova urge to visit Surelife of Lapu-lapu City to identify the victim.

They will also coordinate with police stations in the southern province of Cebu if there are reports of missing persons in their areas of responsibility.

They also arranged for an autopsy to bring down the remains of the man to find out who lost it.

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