Goverment want to provide gender-neutral bathrooms in the Cebu.

gender-neutral bathrooms cebu
gender-neutral bathrooms cebu

 The Cebu City government ask business establishments Cebu city to add designated gender-neutral toilets to respects inclusively.

 Councilor Alvin Dizon, who author of the proposal, said that Cebu City has said an ordinance in 2012 that exclude the discrimination of people on the criterion of disability, rate of age, health condition, sexual orientation and also types gender identity, own ethnicity, and religion types, two years before how Quezon City accept its own version of the ordinance.

 Councilor said in the Cebu City has the first anti-discriminatory rule in the country but its realization was not finished.

 The resolution was accepted after incident with a trans woman who has been kicked out when visit female restroom in Quezon City on the date August 17, 2019.

 Councilor also said government Cebu City has to safe its transgender citizens. He ask the shop owners, resorts, hotels, restaurants, city's terminals, shops, supermarkets, movie theaters, and other city's places to provide a gender-neutral bathroom to exclude a same incident how what been happened in the Quezon City.

 In a regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon the Cebu City government approved the document of Dizon urging business managements to be agreed with the city’s anti-discriminatory rules.

 Also, the council has informed business structures for meet and discus the situation.

 The council has idea for create more rules to require Cebu City establishments to provide gender-neutral bathrooms, but the councilors need know the common opinion of the stakeholders.

 The executive session has not yet to be accepted, but the government will be inviting business owners to speak their vision point on the problem.

gender-neutral bathrooms Cebu Councilor anti-discriminatory
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