Mayor of the Cebu City Edgardo Labella going to meet with areas captains

rivers cebu
rivers cebu

Mayor of the Cebu City  Edgardo Labella going to meet with areas captains on Tuesday, August 20, for discuss about exlude the environmental pollution of wastes into the city’s creeks and rivers.

Edgardo Labella with other government employees on Saturday, August 17, with companies and volunteers organizations, conducted a cleanup of the Guadalupe River.

In the own press conference time from Monday, August 19, speech Labella contained information about that there were some garbage thrown somewhere in Pahina San Nicolas and other locations, which not to be identified as to what area these belonged to.

“Approximately 70 tons of garbage has been remove from cities rivers and creeks” the mayor told. “Our command gave task for CCenro (Cebu City Environment and Natural Resources Office) have control of the situation because we need to know where in the Pahina San Nicolas thrown garbage.”

“We will reminders and warnings violators who ignored our rules” the mayor told. Also, we add administrative sanctions for barangay captain if third time would fail in this task.

When meet is happen with the areas captains, Labella said they'll have a discuss about process regular cleanup of the city’s waterways also resolve the city’s garbage problem.

Labella asked residents who live along the city’s waterways don't throwing their garbage there.

He also asked areas captains about command work in solving the garbage problem.

The Guadalupe River include ways throws Cebu City areas, Guadalupe, Capitol Site and Pahina Central.

labella Mayor Cebu pollution creeks rivers
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