Installation of traffic lights in Cebu

traffic lights
traffic lights

The city of Cebu plans to replace and repair traffic lights. But the government must have a certain amount of money for this. The city budget should allocate P500 million. Andres Bayarcal - The Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) operation chief says an application has been submitted to finance the replacement of traffic lights. Perhaps in 2020 the necessary amount of money will be allocated and traffic lights will be replaced.

mayor Tomas OsmeƱa also planned to replace traffic lights but required P500 million were not. This was said by Mayor Edgardo Labella.

The installation of traffic lights is necessary to regulate transport in the city and solve transport problems in the city. For example, on August 13, there was a big traffic jam in Cebu, after a malfunction of traffic lights occurred.

traffic lights finance government
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