How to become successful?


Everyone can succeed. Organization is not an inborn quality, it can and should be developed in yourself.

1. Focus on the essentials. It means that in 80% of the time you do 20% of the work. Indeed, the work doesn’t take so much effort, most of it takes time, from which has no results. So first of all, ask yourself: what is the level of priorities? Learn to highlight the main things - devote time to it. set aside less important things or pass them on to assistants, unimportant things - learn to ignore.

2. Stimulate yourself. Stimulate yourself. Hangover  a colorful photograph of the resort you are dreaming of over the table.

3. Jump right away. Sometimes you change for a long time before you begin your assignment, and so the day leaves. And then it turns out it was - for an hour. Dive into it like in cold water.

4. Cut a piece. A mission seems overwhelming when it is global. Dividing it into subparagraphs makes them easier to perceive. And the feeling of satisfaction is greater: at the end of each completed stage, you can enjoy the result.

5. Always set clear deadlines, but be sure to make an “allowance” - and always start in advance. The best way to not be late is to wake up half an hour earlier, the best method to get to work on time is to arrive in 15 minutes!

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