Drug addicts - who are they?


Cebu is the city where drug abuse is very common. Drug dealers make a lot of money selling drugs. Ordinary people and even children suffer from the consequences of taking drugs. The drug problem in the city is so serious that even the president doubts the possibility of solving it.

People who take drugs never recognize that they are drug addicts. As well as an alcoholic. He doesn’t admit that he is a heavy drunker. There are many cases when children become drug addicts precisely in families where parents are drug addicts.

Many drug addicts today are celebrities. Popular rappers, actors take various drugs. Looking at them, many people think this is fashionable. Children and adolescents who don’t understand yet what is good and what is bad imitate the stars and become drug addicts.

Addicts often think this is not a problem for them to give up to inject harmful narcotic substances. They stop being addicted at any moment. But often this is just a lie and the fiction of people.

Sometimes a person is ashamed of what he (or she) is doing. They feel guilt and pain in his soul for his behavior. This means the addict is aware of his dependence on drugs, but he(or she) cannot help oneself. A person needs medical and psychological help.

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