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One of the main resorts in Cebu spread out on the popular island of Mactan. Combining features of traditional Himalayan design with Filipino notes, this is one of the largest spas.

Hilot therapeutic massage, based on the principles of traditional medicine of the Philippines, it relaxes and heals.

Hot Dinu-Ot Muscle Relief Massage. Performing it, massagist uses a special balm from local plants - a mixture of sambong (Filipino camphor), local lemon sorghum, lagundi (five-leaf leaves) and morina (breadfruit bark), which is applied to the body to relieve muscle tension and pain. Large heated banana leaves, which wrap the arms and legs, prolong the effect of the plant compress, enhancing the relaxing and calming effect.


This spa focuses on creating a meditative state of calm and zen-like clarity. A path leads past a fountain with a row of stone heads pouring into the pool, made in a completely European manner.

For the sake of local exoticism, try the traditional procedures from the extensive Authentic offer, which are based on local knowledge, for example, Philippine Volcanic Ash Mud Mask (a mask made of Filipino volcanic mud) - a rejuvenating wrap that makes the skin smoother and removes cellulite. The salon offers a range of Unique procedures, which includes, for example, Transition to Transformation massage, which combines Swedish massage techniques, esalen, and lomi-lomi; We recommend ordering a full body massage performed with warm bamboo sticks. Aiming at a specific result is worth trying something from the Meaningful line, for example, a full body massage with nourishing Intense Hydration facial skincare.


One of the largest private marine properties in the world - Plantation Bay. It includes four freshwater pools with water slides of all kinds and sizes, caves with fog, whirlpools, volcanic fountains, Jacuzzi tables, open-air showers, waterfalls, and a sea lagoon. Mogambo Springs spa, stylized as an 18th-century Japanese village is located nearby.

The traditional Filipino Hilot massage uses warm compresses with herbs and pure coconut oil. Try also the products of body care by the French brand Algotherm, for example, a set of Oxygenating Facial Treatment procedures, during which the face skin is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged with amethysts, gel is applied to enhance oxygen supply, protect from the external environment and improve nutrition.

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