Fever takes lives


The Philippines Ministry of Health has announced a dengue epidemic. 146,062 cases of fever were recorded from January to July this year. The outbreak occurred when a fever vaccine wasn't allowed. Vaccination was banned in 2017. A lot of children died after this procedure in 2017-2018. 622 people died. This is 98 percent higher than last year. When the epidemic was announced, special measures were taken in the country to identify the most infected areas and to counteract its spread there.

Dengue fever is a dangerous disease transmitted by mosquitoes that are infected with the virus. The virus is common in countries with a tropical and subtropical climate, in particular, in India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sudan, Mozambique, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil, and the Philippines.

Read more about the fever vaccine: https://www.cebusite.com/news/2477440/fever-vaccine-may-not-be-this-year

fever vaccination epidemic
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