The manufacture of illegal weapons


Illegal weapons manufacturing business is developing in the Philippines. This work brings good money, so it is a profitable business for many Filipino families.

Many people could feed their children and provide a good education for their children. This business appears in places where there are no jobs, people can break the law and be unpunished. One of such places is a village near the city of Danao. In 1960, this place became the main area where weapons were made. Only 10 people live there. You can only get on foot to Danao. This an old house where weapons are made. The owner of this house asks not to speak his full name that he won’t be arrested.

They say the manufacture of weapons in the Philippines is an old business, it transmitted from generation to generation.

During World War II, this weapon manufacturing was very popular among the residents of the Philippines. At that time, arms were sold openly, but now it is hiding.

weapons business manufacturing
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