Fever vaccine may not be this year


Many people in the Philippines have a dengue today. It is a problem for the country's authorities and for its inhabitants. Vaccination can solve the problem. But this year, people won’t be able to get it. Why? Outbreaks of dengue reappear. Many people are sick. Schoolchildren, women are among them are. It is very dangerous for human health and life.

Vaccination was carried out until 2017. It stopped when Dengvaxia maker Sanofi Pasteur announced that vaccination shouldn’t be given during fever outbreaks. This can make the situation worse. A vaccine won’t protect people but a lot of them will get a fever. This alarmed parents who fear that their children might get a fever.

The main mean of transmission of fever infection is mosquitoes infected with the virus.

Dumama jr. - Health Assistant Secretary Abdullah said, that the vaccine that the authorities want to buy for their country must be certified. Documents, proving that the vaccine will really help people must be too. The ministry of health is still considering whether to take the risk and buy the vaccine.

Vaccination dengue Dengvaxia
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