Merry Christmas 2019 in Cebu


Merry Christmas to everyone

Christmas in the Philippines is the longest in the world. It traditionally takes place in 30-degree heat. Filipinos begin celebrations on December 16 and continue until January 6. Preparation for this holiday starts on December 1.

Christmas is, rather, a children's holiday. A week before Christmas, children go to neighbors and sing “Merry Christmas”. Santa Claus comes to Filipino children, bringing a bag of gifts. Santa comes at night and puts gifts under the Christmas trees.

Manila holds corporate celebrations, such as musical performances and theatrical performances, outdoor games.

Christmas traditions

Christmas is a good, family holiday. In the morning, people go to church to cleanse themselves before the holiday and celebrate Christmas spiritually renewed. On Christmas Day, all relatives go to each other's families. But long feasts are not observed. Traditional Christmas food is roasted pigs, barbecue with rice, a variety of cakes prepared according to traditional and Western recipes, beer, wine or liquor. You will not find alcohol on the tables. After exchanging presents, the family goes somewhere for a picnic. But, as a rule, they go on a picnic to neighboring islands. They are small and they are not far away. There are boats in many families.

New Year in the Philippines resembles one big firework. Only lazy people don’t acquire crackers, firecrackers, fireworks and noise instruments at this time. Even in the smallest village, lights will skyrocket into several houses in the sky. Moreover, this performance will continue all night and even in the morning. It is believed that in this way they expel all evil spirits.

In addition, it is customary to leave the doors open that luck comes to the house. You also need to fill your wallet with money, because prosperity for next year depends on it. And wear a polka dot sweater to become richer.

Christmas holiday gifts church celebrations
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