Environmental problems of the Pacific Ocean and its solution

The Pacific Ocean
The Pacific Ocean

For geography lovers ...

The Pacific Ocean is the largest and oldest on earth. There are many corals at the bottom of the ocean. A large number of corals are associated with the suitable warm temperature of the water. The ocean is full of fish. Shellfish and various algae are grown on the seabed in some countries. Human economic activity has led to the pollution of ocean waters and to the extermination of certain animal species. On the verge of extermination are seals, whales. Their fishing is currently limited. A great danger to the ocean is water pollution by oil, industrial waste.

Environmental problems of the Pacific Ocean and its solution, photo-1

Latest news about cleansing the ocean ...

It became known today that the Pacific Ocean will be cleaned of garbage using a skyscraper. The Pacific garbage spot was found in the North Pacific Ocean. In May 2019, about 40 tons of man-made waste were caught there. The Americans plan to build a facility that will recycle waste and purify water. The project was developed by American architect Honglin Lee. The shape of the structure resembles a pendulum.

Environmental problems of the Pacific Ocean and its solution, photo-2
the Pacific Ocean ecology fishing project
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