Clearing the roads in Cebu

Street in Cebu
Street in Cebu

Cebu City has begun clearing the main roads. It was an initiative of the city, not the headquarters in Manila. Planned to clear places in Barangay Ermita.

The mayor ordered the roads must be cleared when he took office last month. And the resident Rodrigo Duterte said to punish all officials who are to blame for the similar state of the roads today.

Edgardo Labella also noted a large number of roads need cleaning in Cebu. In 60 days authorities will do everything possible to bring the roads to good condition. If Cebu weren’t such a big city, people could clear the roads in less than 60 days. But this will be more difficult in cities with a large number of people.

Labella also said that after a predetermined period of 60 days, the authorities will continue to clear the roads further. The Market Administrator announced that roads on Plaridel, Calderon and Escanio Streets will be cleaned. Today Cebu will clear Escanio Street. There are only old parked cars on that street.

The mayor doesn't want the merchants from the Plarideand and Calderon streets to be relocated. The authorities will negotiate with them so that so no one gets hurt.

The PROBE team said they will clear the streets of merchants who don't have permission for trade.

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