Volunteers clean the waterways for sardines


People who help to clear the waterways in Cebu City get food for the work done. The government distributes sardines to volunteers that help them to clean the city. Sardines are distributed as part of the food-for-work program.

Joel Biton, DPS head said the government can also distribute rice. This program was created on July 28, 2019. Then 14 volunteers helped to clean the river in Barangay Tejero. This program, unlike “Basura Mo, Sardinas ko,” depends on how many garbage trucks will be filled with garbage. Last Sunday, about 5 tons of garbage was collected from the Ermita creek. 5 boxes of sardines were given for the work done. Also, volunteers receive medicine that protects against infections.

Joel Biton also said the authorities will look for resources that will help to purchase protective equipment for volunteers. Biton hopes that volunteers will take part in the massive dredging which will be held in August. The mayor of the city announced that the purification of waterways is necessary to solve the problems of flooding in the city.

waterways cleaning volunteers
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