A large amount of marijuana was found in Barangay Langosig, Danao City


Each offense is punished

Marijuana was mowed in the amount of P4.2 million in Cebu. Marijuana was grown in Barangay Langosig, Danao City. Moreover, two men, who grew this plant were arrested. This is Jolito Lawa, 39, who lives in Barangay Langosig, Danao City and Renerio Lato Cal, 49. He lives in Barangay Lawaan.

But there are more offenders. There are other two suspects, but the police failed to catch them. Among them, there are Isidro Martel, who is a resident of Barangay Lawaan and Apolicronio Lawas Jr. who also lives in this territory.

Police said when they arrested two suspects, the woman arrived. Her name is Gina Cal. She didn’t want the police to take one man. The woman behaved aggressively towards the police, screaming and scratching them. One of the policemen even fell. Gina Cal will be responsible for her actions towards the police.

The police confiscated 10,000 marijuana plants and 5,000 seedlings, and the inventory necessary to grow marijuana.

Marijuana offendres suspects
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