The robber was found hanged

The robber was found hanged, Kate

The man who participated in the robberies was shot and hanged in Barangay San Isidro, Talisay City. He was discovered on July 22.

Reynante Otero participated in a series of robberies in the barangay. The victim was found on the Mananga Bridge. His face was covered with cloth, and his hands were tied with his belt. Another victim is the 41-year-old San Isidro. He received several bullet wounds to different parts of the body. A scrap of paper was attached to him with the inscription “Ayaw ko ninyo sunda. Tulisan ko ”(Don’t imitate me. I am a robber). This suspect was in prison several times because of a robbery and illegal possession of a weapon. Who is the killer and the reasons for the murder are unknown.

robber victim killer bullet wound
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