Small, but beautiful Busay Falls

beautiful Busay Falls
beautiful Busay Falls

 Beautiful Busay Falls

 It is very hot and even boiling outside. That is why the best spot to visit is something that would be really refreshing. Do you know where a great waterfall is situated? I would tell you it. It is amazing Busay Falls.

beautiful Busay Falls

These waterfalls are situated in Cebu, but if to be specific it is located in Poro island. In spite of being rather small or even mini- falls are very popular among tourists and local habitants. If to translate its name from the local language or dialect it has a meaning of literally cascade or little waterfalls.

It is easy to get to Busay Falls, as it is located only twenty minutes from one of the main streets of Camotes Islands. But if to rent car, bike or other means of transport- the way would be even shorter or more enjoyable.

Of course, Busay Falls is not as big as for example Niagara Falls. But is a perfect and cozy choice for swimming because of its size. Waterfalls created an amazing pool, that would fresh you and clean you mind from bad thoughts. Cool water is a real salvation from” killing” temperatures and scorching sun, which are a problem during summer period.

beautiful Busay Falls loboc

It is a great idea to have a picnic not far from Busay Falls. Wonderful breeze with breathtaking views give good emotions. Small drops of water are refreshing and they are so cool that there is appearing a strong desire to come here more and more times, to bring family, friends and to show them this unreal beauty, that amazes from the first sight and makes you fall in love with Busay Falls.

The depth of the pool is not big it is only eight- ten feet, so if you can swim- try it in Busay Falls. It is possible to have a dive into the pool from the bridge, which is made of bamboo.

Busay Falls is surrounded by beautiful nature and it is very pleasant to be here, to be a part of big and endless nature, which attracts people to come here and enjoy the beauty.

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