Historical church Simbahan church

Historical church Simbahan church

Wanna seeing a beautiful church and enjoy the old and interesting history?  The Philippines is full of such places and Cebu with its nearest places, too. You should try Poro Island, which is not far from Cebu. Camotes island consists of two big main islands and Poro is the least of this pair.

Poro Island is famous also because of its old church. It is a clear reminder of that old time, when the Spanish conquers were on the territory of the island.  This church is called " simbahan". The church has Christian roots and shows how big and strong influence has the religion on social life, as well as on the architecture and the entire look of all buildings.

Built in 1849 by Augustinian friars, Simbahan church is a great example of history. The walls are made of coral stones, which were taken from the sea shore and the roof is made of tile. Lots of passion and hard work was put into the building of the church, as each and every stone was put together with the eggwhites. Many people, who were basically local people, were made to work on this building and in the case of the misbehavior- hey were taken to the prison or flogged.

Looking at the building would give you a clear understanding of the events of that time. Nowadays like in the past, Simbahan church is a heart of active social life of the island.

During the Second Word War, Simbahan church was a real hide-away for most of Japanese people. There are some religious relics in Simbahan church, for examples many things from the Second Word War, as well as the things from the eighteenth century, which could be found everywhere around the island.

Enjoy the beauty and the history of Simbahan church. It is possible to rent a guide and have an interesting excursion and hear great stories abou building and those relics, which are situated inside. 

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