The explosion in Cebu. Three men suffered


The explosion in Cebu with terrible consequence

Butane canisters exploded in Barangay Dumlog, Talisay City, Cebu. Three people suffered. Immediately after the explosion, they were taken by the Talisay City District Hospital. The victims have burned all over their body.

This incident happened at about 12 a. m., on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. What led to the tragedy? The exact reason is unknown. But there are some assumptions.

Investigators claim three men whose names Gutang, Parba, and Daño filled the canisters with Liquefied Petroleum Gas, and then an explosion occurred. Perhaps there was a spark that led directly to the blast. Moreover, firefighters found in the house of one of the men 7 LPG cylinders.

Refilling canisters with this gas is illegal today. The authorities urge people to don’t violate the laws to avoid such incidents.

explosion victims Butane canisters Liquefied Petroleum Gas
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