Real extreme with Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

safari park
safari park

 Cebu gives unforgettable emotions by visiting its attractions and different places of interest. Today the discussion is going to be about Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. This park is thought to be one of the best places in Cebu and even in the entire Philippines. It is the Philippines’ premier park with the possibility of having safari excursion.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is situated in the town of Carmen, which is not far from Cebu.

 This park has a great international standard of as to say ”keeping” animals and maintaining high quality of their lives like in the world’s best zoos.

The days when the park is open: from Wednesday till Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are days-off. The open hours are from 8 AM till 5 PM.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is big and spacious and has 170 hectares. There are about one thousand animals and 110 specious.

There are some divided areas in Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. They are: the African Savanna with kudus, zebras and waterbucks; the Safari Outpost with ducks, lions and giraffes; the Aviary Dome with beautiful parrots and birds, who do not fly – pigeons; Michel’s Garden with really wonderful flowers, such as orchids; the Macaw Aviary logically with macaws and the Canopy Trail.

By the way, Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is famous by its horses, who are rented, as well as by zipline of surfs and bikes.

There are some buffets and restaurants to eat on the territory.

The entrance fee to this beautiful place is 800 PHP.

There is a possibility of complex tours to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park, so do not miss a chance to have an interesting excursion together with transfer directly from Cebu’s hotel. On the territory one would find a place for renting with conditioning, if you wanna stay here for more than one day.

 You are welcome to the wild and real extreme. Feel the nature, feel it!

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