Connection bishops with ecology


What do bishops say about ecology?

Today, the environmental situation in the world is terrible and requires immediate solutions. The government and the church are also alarmed by this problem in The Philippines. Catholic bishops are trying to draw people's attention to the problem of ecology because it is critical now.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference urges people in the country to sort waste, don’t use disposable plastic products, to consume less. Poverty aggravates the situation. Money is needed to solve problems related to ecology. The amount of money is limited in The Philippines. Fr. Murphy Sarsona(leader of the Archdiocesan Commission on Environmental Concern) said they will be looking for a replacement for coal energy. Another problem is the emission of carbon dioxide. A large amount of carbon dioxide is produced by coal companies. The CBCP claims that the burning of coal produces a huge amount of carbon dioxide, which adversely affects the ecology of the whole world. Fr. Sarsona also announced about the necessity of installing solar panels. They have already been installed in many cities in the Philippines. Among them, there are Archdiocese of Maasin in Southern Leyte and the Archdiocese of Tagbilaran.

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