Colon Street a place with interesting history

active life in  Colon Street
active life in Colon Street

Each and every country, city, town and even village has its own the most popular streets in the very place. So does Cebu. This street is the oldest in the Philippines- it is Colon Street. This street is of amazing beauty and attraction. Colon Street has a great and interesting history, which should be known.

The history of Colon Street has started from the time of Spanish conquerors, as well as was built by them. The head of building was Miguel Lopez de Legaspi.

Colon Street is the real center of Cebu’s downtown. It is named after Christopher Columbus, whose name and surname by Spanish version sounds like Cristobal Colon. Becoming more and more Cebu’s place for commercial activities, Colon Street attracts tourists and even local people with its long history and of course beauty. Colon Street is full of cafes, shops and shopping malls,movie houses and other buildings for business activities.

It was Colon Street- one of the first streets in the Philippines and if to be specific in Cebu, where business establishment was started to be built. This gave a real impetus for the development of trading and social- economical relationships in the country. Even now it remains one of the main streets of trade in Cebu. This very street witnessed how the economics, as well as political situation of the Philippines changed: its rise and its fall.

The beginning of the nineties of the twentieth century brought American culture to the country. It had influence on every sphere of life.

Shops of Colon Street are very attractive because of comparably low prices. The annual tiange is a market in the open air. It is one of the most popular places of this street.

Colon Street during the Christmas time is an amazing thing, which is need to be seen. It has an unforgettable wonderful atmosphere and gives great emotions.

Colon Street is really worth visiting. Try it!

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